Customer Refocus specialises in technology based business and product innovation. 

We will help you to:

  • Research your markets
  • Desk research including on line databases, major technical libraries and internet sources.
  • Original field research using postal, telephone and in person interviews
  • Assess your products
  • Rank your opportunities for new products in merit order.
  • Carry out preliminary market assessments for products and services.
  • Search for new technologies and new production resources.
  • Identify potential partners or acquisitions across Europe.
  • Promote your products
  • Devise market development strategies.
  • Plan advertising and PR campaigns
  • Assist with initial sales.
  • Develop your products
  • Provide interim management for new product and business development projects to deliver results.
  • Audit the performance of your firm's New Product systems.
  • Re-engineer New Product Development and New Product Marketing processes.
  • Train your Business Teams in New Product Development processes.


The right Tools are important.  We have tools for providing data, analysing situations and managing projects.
We maintain subscriptions to a variety of databases and specialist libraries.  We also have readers cards for two copyright libraries.

Our specialist software includes routines for strategy, market and risk analysis as well as project management.  We use often use databases written specifically for the needs of the project.

Market Research – a key tool for technology

We believe in the importance of marketing to the innovation process.  Therefore, Market Research is one of our important contributions.  We carry out directly relevant desk based research and field research.  We have access to a panel of multilingual researchers.