Red Hydrogen to make Port Talbot green

Introduction Steelmaking is about to end at Port Talbot after perhaps 900 years. Sticking plaster measures that simply postpone closure are not enough. New sustainable advantages must be created. The iron ore, coal and.limestone used at Port Talbot is all imported. The coastal location was once an advantage. However high UK energy costs due to […]

The colours of hydrogen

Why discuss hydrogen? The context of this discussion Is the decision by Tata Steel to close the blast furnaces at Port Talbot in South Wales. The immediate proposal is to import steel from Tata’s other plants in Europe. Longer term It is proposed to instal electric arc furnaces to recycle scrap steel. The EU Is […]

Customs, Regulation and Conformity

Shipping to the¬†Eurasian Economic Union¬†which includes Russia is barely more complicated than shipping to the European Union. The EaEu was founded on the basis of the English translation of the EU’s Acquis Communitaire and Russia and the other members are committed to harmonization with EU Technical Regulations as quickly as possible. When they chose to […]

What are your strengths? Cheap, quick or good? Choose two.

No business can excel in everything, and still make a profit. There is a saying in UK business that the customer can have the product    cheap,    quick or    good, but they can only choose two. Which two are you best at? An exporter should consider what are going to be the relative strengths of the product […]