Since 1994, Customer Refocus has been helping clients from start ups to major international companies to turn technologically based innovations into profitable businesses and trade opportunities by finding finance and customers. We can assist you with extra resources to accomplish:

Technology evaluation, start up funding or acquisition

  • Review of patent & Intellectual Property portfolios for market potential.
  • Identifying and sizing potential markets for new products, processes and services to make the case for venture capital.
  • Find licencees for underexploited technologies
  • Identify potential joint venture partners.
  • Raise capital using our databases of financial investors such as angels, venture capitalists, private equity firms, ex pat Russian investors and government support in the UK & Dubai.
  • We have also been active in finding industrial investors able to buy a business.

Market research and sales support

  • Conduct Market Research using our large set of subscription databases.
  • Define Route to Market including acquisition opportunities
  • Develop cold calling lists of importers or industry members by SIC code
  • Make initial customer contacts
  • Act as a temporary Sales Agency to accelerate launch

Developing business processes to support innovation

  • Set up legally in the UK. Company formation, address, visas, directors, accounts ...
  • Set up working operations. Lawyers, Servers, GDPR, Premises, Recruitment, suppliers ...
  • Audit your firm's New Product systems.
  • Re-engineer Product Marketing and Product Development processes.
  • Train your teams in R&D Project Management and New Product Marketing processes.
  • "The best engineers work somewhere else" - Sam Joy. We will look for partners and specialist suppliers even if you don't quite agree with Sam. After all, Sun Microsystems was bought by Oracle